True contentment is a

real, even an active

virtueŚnot only

affirmative but creative. It

is the power of getting

out of any situation all

there is in it.

Gilbert Keith

G. K. Chesterton


One of our most exciting events happens on our lake with boats, barges, bridges and bikes.  We call this B3, B4 and B5.
Imagine a special relay race where everyone can participate and have fun while learning.

If your group prefers traditional water activities we have fishing poles or just a great place to cool off.


A B3 event involves transporting your entire team to the island via our Tom Sawyer Barge. Once on the island each member must cross over floating water bridges to a canoe that takes you back. A B4 event adds 3 more bridges around the lake and a B5 uses our Trek Bikes.

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