"If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough."

Mario Andretti


A new concept in Zip Lines has arrived to the Charlotte Area. No longer will you fly mindlessly through the air without a perfectly good reason. 

YouTube Video scoring points and the 45 second ride...something a bit more rowdy is our Special Ops Zipline featuring MS. Kansas Theresa Vail.



Xtreeme Challenge Overall Tracking Card Sample
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In Combination with our Outdoor Adventure Trail teams can achieve or locate items for the Zip Line Arena. Team Initiatives found on The Trail takes this to a higher level of teamwork



Zip Lines Charlotte for the best Carolina Eperience in High Adventure only at Xtreeme Challenge

Imagine a series of suspended targets strategically positioned along the 750 foot zip line path. Select a tennis ball and shoot while flying at 30 mph. Teams can record a score and come away with points on our tracking cards. Did we mention that you fly over two bodies of water and a waterfall. We have more to tell you only you need to call us for more info at
1-800-701-0225 or locally at 704-236-6729.

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Suitable for all ages. Allow between 2-4 hours for this event. We always operate in a super private format working with just one group on designated days or time slots. Not open to the general public!



The Zip Line Arena

The Size of 5 football fields

The Zip Line Arena points based features like: 1-Indiana Jones Bridge, Crate Climb,1-750 ft Zipline Tree house over a waterfall ,1-350 ft Suspended Combination Bridge. Below the lines are three Waterways with Land Bridges, Trails, Tom Sawyer Barge, Floating Bridges, Boats, Bikes, and Rafts and targets to shoot at.
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Open for Private/Scheduled Events 365 Days per year with hours of operation unique to our clients

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