“Over the past 7 years Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools No Easy Walk Program has partnered with Xtreeme Challenge to reach middle school youth with critical thinking, hands on learning and outdoor adventure activities. These programs combine a trusted and safe location with Wingate College Students and onsite trained facilitation. The results have shown up in better testing scores, attitudes, attendance and community social skills.”

John Concelman Executive Director
No Easy Walk

Gang of One has worked closely with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Xtreeme Challenge to create an outdoor leadership, gang prevention program for youth.  This program has strong initial outcomes related to resisting gang influence and attachment to school. We recommend this program to other schools ” 

K. Frances Cook,
Gang of One Director Charlotte Police Department


    The Challenge Walk is unlike any outdoor adventure event that schools have ever seen.
It is ideal for Elementary, Middle, High and College Groups who want to experience the best in Experiential Learning/Team Building.

This activity measures the length of three football fields as it gently weaves under a canopy of natural trees. We developed 20 interconnected one of a kind activities that requires thinking, discussing, teamwork and laughter. Designed to handle up to 400 students all at once simultaneously rotating clock wise. Take a closer look at our report card that tracks the individual teams.


We also can handle an additional 200 in our Outdoor Adventure Trail but typically use split facilitation in both zones on our 10 acre campus to keep more open space.

We combined the feeling of a scavenger hunt with the adventure of the best video games. Students are wrapped in an adventure that can last up to 2 hours in each activity. This is private one on one program time unlike a public shared experience.

We totally customize each schools experience with challenge cards that have your schools logo on them. We also adapt different clues to the age range and results needed with the group. We use famous historic quotes and require students to read and supply feedback. It is pure fun masquerading as experiential learning to the highest degree.

Since the participants have never experienced anything like this they become open and transparent.

Ernest Hemingway says this "All my life I've looked at words as though I were seeing them for the first time" This is what it feels like for youth as they experience The Challenge Walk and Adventure Trail. A first time eye opening experience. The same applies to the teachers who also come with the class.

We also capture the event through professional photography (www.valentinedesign.com) and create a custom full size poster. We are looking for relationships that last. Many of our schools are on the 8th year of coming for that grade level class.


    For School Field Trips we suggest our newest event added to The Challenge Walk the Outdoor Adventure Trail.


“Over the past few years we have partnered with the Xtreeme Challenge facility just 3 miles away . I have done several events with my students and have many of my students working along side middle and grade school events with Michael and Diana Valentine. I highly recommend this as a Wingate event for other areas in the university or other schools”

Dr. Cristi DeWaele
Wingate University




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