"I came out of the city for the

first time and found a whole

new world, a place where

others believed in me, a

place where we fished and

climbed and others wanted

to spend time with me. I

found a way to learn more

about who I was meant to

Un-Named Student

6th, 7th and 8th Grade

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle




No Easy Walk
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School has teamed up with Gang Of One /Charlotte Police Department to counter the rising violence associated with gangs.

No Easy Walk is a program that uses team building concepts our armed forces employs to strengthen and unify our soldiers. The MLK kids are in a war zone that they come home to every day. They are the At Risk children that you hear about in the news, sleeping in cars, one to no parents, gang wars, violence and drugs.

Every Friday we send two classrooms of students and teachers to Xtreeme Challenge and watch as they grow through this program.

Want to help? Call Dr. Mark Robertson the principal and he will tell you the difference this program makes and what you can do to assist at (980-343-0698).

See samples of our kids in this program

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No Easy Walk Program

Your donations or grants will go to support our field trips, to build a low ropes course on our campus, to build a climbing wall, mountain bike course, videos that teach exercise in the classroom and fishing poles.
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