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The Lowes 48 Car Team Poster from Xtreeme Challenge Team Building Center
Watch a 6 minute video with The Lowes 48 Car at Xtreeme Challenge

The newest form of Team Building has arrived at www.xtreemechallenge.com

The Challenge Walk = 12 interconnected one of a kind events the length of two football fields coupled with the Outdoor Adventure Trail

Team building with Jimmy Johnsons team 48 car
Lowes 48 Car at Xtreeme Challenge


Themed Events

The Lowes 48 Car Pit Crew wanted a private event structured to foster team building and a fun day prior to a NASCAR event. They wanted to boost the team to a higher level so that they could push for the final year long points awards.

Xtreeme Challenge utilized the newest form of team building called The Challenge Walk in combination with it's High Ropes Course and Water Activities & B5 Event. The Fire Circle pictured in the video served as a gathering area and debriefing center. A professional video team shot and produced this video for the team members.

A points system was established using a capture the flag format along with a special scavenger hunt. The teams found clues within The Challenge Walk that formed a map for each of the teams. They followed the map on the 10 acre property and had to assemble something that could stop a corn hole bag flying at 35 mph. Little did they know that they would be shooting those bags one by one while screaming down the 300 and 400 foot long zip lines for points.

Unlike many zip lines The Lowes 48 Car had to navigate through six high ropes course events capturing flags similar to Fear Factor without dropping them along the way. Once they made it to the zip lines the assembled scavenger hunt items served as special corn hole boards to catch and reward the teams with points for each bag that they made.

A special relay race was developed called B5. Barge, Bridge, Boat, Bikes and Bridges = B5. Teams had to transport each member across the lake using a Tom Sawyer Barge that connected to Floating Bridges. A single Boat was provided with no oars for transportation back to shore. Once on shore the teams shared 3 Trek Bikes as they went around the lake over three Xtreeme Bridges. The last of those bridges is called a Commando Bridge requiring a harness and life line as they cross over a gorge. All this was timed and points awarded for the best time.

“This was one of the best events we have ever done, I learned more about my teams and watched them grow more in 4 hours than anything we have ever done”

Gary Michel
CEO of Club Car

Club Car at Xtreeme Challenge
“Our team building experience got our minds out of the office, helped us rely on each other as a team and gave us the opportunity to laugh and have fun.  We talked about it afterwards for days”.

Michelle Show - Wells Fargo Corporation
Wholesale Meeting & Event Services

Wells Fargo Bank at Xtreeme Challenge

“Over the past 8 years Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools No Easy Walk Program has partnered with Xtreeme Challenge to reach middle school youth with critical thinking, hands on learning and outdoor adventure activities. The results have shown up in better testing scores, attitudes, attendance and community social skills.”
John Concelman Executive Director
No Easy Walk Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
CMS approved field trip center always private at Xtreeme Challenge



Click on image above to see a 6 minute video. Reduce window size to see higher quality images.

Perhaps you want to gather around our fire circle for food and beverage. Six towering columns of fire with a center fire pit overlooking our lake activities.

Large Fire Circle with a Beautiful Lodge at Xtreeme Challenge

Stay overnight in our lodge or schedule a meeting in our
multipurpose theatre.

Free meeting space on site at Xtreeme Challenge

Every Event at Xtreeme Challenge is customized just for our clients. The things found in this video may not be ideal for your group. Clients may elect to stay in the low ropes course  without using our water activities, zip lines or high ropes courses. Having a competitive feel is simply an option that we believe makes our facility unique. Additionally we provide on site meeting space, food services that can include any format controlled by you as well as overnight lodging.





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