Sample of The Challenge Walk Tracking Card found only at Xtreeme Challenge on The Challenge Walk.
20 interconnected unique outdoor adventure activities designed to make you laugh while you grow closer as a team.
Suitable for ages 5 on up. Teams are broken down by sub groups ahead of time to encourage
new relationships at work ,school or church. These sub teams rotate in a clock wise fashion around the course that measures the length of three football fields. It is not a race but a travel at your own pace journey. Trained facilitators debrief and assist you with your goals in-between each activity. Some groups may only complete 5 activities in two hours.

This course can hold up to 300 participants all at once. Note: the rule that states nobody is permitted to touch the ground.

The Challenge Walk only by Xtreeme Challenge for Outdoor Adventure with a purpose in Charlotte

In addition to the card we think outside the box with real boxes. Teams take turns opening the lower box that contains a historic quote that is read out loud. Once a mini debrief is handled the teams open the top box and read the challenge card. A game plan is discussed and put in play by each sub team. Other team members are within view of one another as each team is doing a different challenge at the same time. Once the challenge has been completed the facilitator will discuss what took place and what was required to achieve the activity. Progressive changes will take place with each team.

Sample Quote

Sample famous quote from Xtreeme Challenge

Sample Challenge Card

Sample challenge card from Xtreeme Challenge

Sample poster your team receives along with a professional photo shoot at no additional cost

Sample poster from your day at Xtreeme Challenge