B3, B4, B5

Barge, Bridge, Boat, Bike, Bridges

Three to Five things that begin with B

Your team may be asked to estimate how long it will take to complete all five activities.
In order to enter the barge you must have a life vest. The problem is we limit the number of vests and
have the team relay them to members as they complete the water portion of this challenge.


Barge, Floating Bridges and Boats without Oars.

Variables can include time trials competing against other teams.


Same as above with the inclusion of a relay race around the lake while passing a baton


Instead of running we introduce our Trek Bikes into the equation. Unlike other bike trails this one
requires a life line and harness for both you and the bike. Our commando style bridge goes over the water
and must have safety equipment like we use in our high ropes course.